Juicy Escape

“The World’s Healthiest Playground”

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Anyone who knows Jason Vale will tell you that he doesn’t do anything by half – whether it’s writing a global bestseller, developing a class-leading frozen-juice delivery company or launching his third – yes, that’s right, THIRD – megastar-visited health retreat, it’s big, it’s bold and it’s utterly brilliant. So, it goes without saying that his latest venture, an out-of-this-world retreat nestled in Portugal’s Algarve, near the Spanish border, is set to raise the bar… and some. Juicy Escape, as the new retreat will be called, is the realisation of Jason’s vision for an all-singing, all-dancing, with crazy levels of fun, health and fitness, destination.

Set on a 40-acre site, encompassing two stunning lakes, there is everything that he has ever dreamt about throwing into the retreat mix. Set to open late 2022, Juicy Escape will be Europe’s ‘healthiest playground’ where like-minded people can relax, recharge and rest but unlike most retreats, you will also have the opportunity to indulge in an abundance of sports and activities to invigorate your mind and your body.

Read below what Jason has to say about his exciting new retreat as he answers fans’ questions – it’s set to be so good, even HE wants to be a guest and enjoy the good stuff on offer.

When Will Juicy Escape Open?

It’s the million-dollar question! It was opening two years ago, but Portuguese bureaucracy is like pulling teeth… However, progress is being made and all guns are blazing as we aim for a soft launch in September 2020, ahead of a grand opening in April 2021.

Our first guests will be those selected to be participants in my Super Juice Me! 2 health experiment who will not be paying to stay, so it’s a win-win as we’ll then close the gates after they leave, make any necessary tweaks and reopen to the public the following spring.

When Can I Book A Stay At Juicy Escape?

Alongside, ‘When will Juicy Escape open?’, it’s the first question I’m asked! The answer is follow my Instagram where I will announce details in due course. I am in full control of my Instagram account, so when you see it there, you know it’s straight from the Juice Master’s mouth!

The other important thing to do if you want to be among the first to stay at Juicy Escape is to sign up to the Juice Master newsletter and be top of the list to hear that bookings are open! I would add though, that we won’t put ourselves under any pressure to take bookings until we are 100 per cent ready to do so, as we want everything to be perfect before we open Juicy Escape for business.

How Will Juicy Escape Differ From Juicy Oasis? Will There Be Excursions On Offer?

Juicy Escape is uniquely situated just 5km from one of the world’s most beautiful beaches, and one of the benefits of its location is that guests will have the opportunity to explore the surrounding area too.

We will have bicycles with rucksacks on offer for guests’ use, so they can throw a canteen of water into a bag and set off to explore the 40-acre site.

Along with sunrise yoga, we might also offer dawn walks to enjoy some of the retreat’s most stunning spots. And there is also a wonderful outdoor, natural flotation lake nearby, so we may even be able to take people to visit and experience this during their stay.

There is also a golf course just 3km away so some guests may wish to play a few of Europe’s finest fairways, while their partner enjoys the activities and facilities at Juicy Escape.

However, most people want to be locked in while they are on retreat, but unlike Juicy Oasis, Juicy Escape is vast and in all probability there will be a wider range of options to choose from – this alone is one of the biggest advantages of what will be Europe’s, if not the world’s, healthiest playground!

Will Juicy Escape Be Suitable For Families?

All Juice Master retreats have a strict no kids, no pets policy and the reason is in the name – Juicy Escape is a retreat from everyday life, and you are here to leave it behind and focus on your health.

We do accept mature young adults from the age of 14 with a parent or guardian, but we rarely host people this age as most guests want to enjoy some precious ‘me time’ and recharge. Sadly we don’t allow pets to stay at our retreats as many of our guests have allergies and we want everyone to be comfortable while they are staying with us.

Will There Be Food At Juicy Escape?

By default, just as at other Juice Master retreats, there will be a juice only programme at Juicy Escape, with juices served throughout the day plus a warming soup during the winter months.

However, at Juicy Escape there will also be an option to enjoy vegan, plant based bowl food at night, served communally on long tables where everyone can come together to relax and be sociable.

We are taking a conscious decision not to specifically choose organic produce, but instead to use locally grown produce which supports the community and has fewer food miles – it may not have the organic-soil certification or uniformity, but it offers delicious, high-quality fruit and vegetables to use as healthy ingredients. The food we cook will be rich in protein and many dishes will be drawn from my Super fast Food book.

We are also toying with the idea that if guests opt for a juice-only plan, they can change their mind to eat, at no extra charge, during their stay. Guests will wear a wristband and if they choose to break their juice fast, we will cut the wristband – the reason for this is to give someone a visual reminder of the commitment they have made to themselves, and an extra incentive to stick to their original juice-only plan. We want to support guests to get what they want from their stay at Juicy Escape.

Why Is Juicy Escape In Portugal?

We considered many places around the world, but in truth the location is irrelevant. To be one of our retreats, it needed to be near water or have a mountain view as these are essential ingredients to the Juice Master retreat experience, and Juicy Escape has it all.

It’s hard to differentiate between our retreats, although I’m asked to all the time. I would say that Juicy Mountain in Turkey is rustic and very intimate, with just 25 people staying at any one time. Guests often remark that it is a very spiritual place and I think that’s true.

Juicy Oasis sits beautifully in the middle of Portugal around a wonderful body of water, and is centred on a juice-only programme. But if getting outside and exploring appeals to you, go to Juicy Escape where there will be a lot more for those who love physical fitness, adventuring and good food!

We will inevitably offer packages to stay at all three and experience the different vibes that each one has. It also makes sense that, with just a four-hour transfer between Juicy Oasis and Juicy Escape, we could easily fly guests into Lisbon for a week before driving down – stopping for a healthy lakeside lunch en route – to allow them to spend a week at Juicy Escape in the Algarve too.

No matter where you choose to go, the Juice Master ethos is at the heart of all of our retreats – everyone is a VIP and genuinely treated equally, because when everything else is stripped away we are all there for the good of our physical and mental health. Juicy Escape will be no different in embracing this ethos too.

Short Breaks At Juicy Escape?

No, there are a million spa hotels around the world, but if you are serious about your physical and mental health, you need to commit a minimum of 7 days to your personal development, and you will never achieve that in 3-4 days, in my opinion.

Will There Be Discounts For Previous Juice Master Retreat Guests?

Anyone who has stayed at Juicy Oasis or Juicy Mountain will have priority booking and access to the membership scheme if and when it goes live.

Where Is It?

Juicy Escape is just 35 minutes from Faro airport, heading towards the Spanish border. Although it’s incredibly convenient to the main airport serving the Algarve, it’s a lovely coincidence that the plot came up after many years of searching the globe for a suitable location for Juicy Escape, which has been a plan in my head for years – we were waiting for the right place to build it! A truly wonderful spot, it felt right to do it here.

What Type Of Facilities Can We Expect?

Just like my other retreats, Juicy Escape is not a boot camp – you can do as much or as little as you choose while you are there. But the truth is you will WANT to join in, rather than HAVE to be active. There will be so much on offer and the emphasis is squarely on having fun.

Alongside all of the exciting activities that will be on offer, there is plenty to explore, including Freedom Lake, Contemplation Tree and a gorgeous internal beach which will all be quiet spots to relax and unwind. The retreat’s hub area will be around the swimming pool, and that will be a cool place to hang out, with low music and a chilled-out vibe.

When you want to be active, you can do yoga, spend time in the gym, enjoy a game of beach volleyball, paddleboard, play football or burn off some serious energy in the boxing ring or gym –
there’s no end of options.

The running track has a 100m extension so you can beat your own PB while you are here or take a row boat and stretch out around the lake. There’s an assault course and an outdoor gym, which is a replica of Santa Monica Beach. If you fancy a boogie, you can don some headphones and enjoy a dance at the Silent Disco Dome, or catch a movie at the outside cinema.

There will be a small shop on site selling everything from sunscreen and sunglasses to energy bars and gym gear, plus all of the incredible spa treatments on offer.

There are no hot tubs but instead a natural hot pool and sauna to gather and relax after a beautiful day of activity. We also have claw baths on the decking of the WAVE PODS and outdoor showers so you can rinse off after a slide into the lake.

It’s going to be great and it’s the last retreat that I’m going to build, so I’m throwing all the goodies at it as it’s going to be MY playground too – in fact, it’s probably a very selfish thing that I’m doing, building Juicy Escape!

How Much Will It Cost To Get To And Stay At Juicy Escape?

We are still finalising costs but there will be a range of accommodation to suit different budgets and match people’s needs. Prices will be similar to Juicy Oasis, but indicative costs will be:
£ – small ECO POD
£££ – Incredible WAVE POD, overlooking the lake
££££ – Wonderful WAVE POD, set back in a private spot with all facilities en suite

It’s important to remember that Juicy Escape is an all-inclusive retreat and, apart from treatments at our state of-the-art spa, once you are here everything is covered within the cost of your stay.

Starting at just under £1,000 per person, per week, the cost is comparable to most other all-inclusive vacations, except this one can seriously improve your health, which is more than can be said for many other holidays!

Another way to look at it is if you stayed at a Premier Inn or the equivalent type of hotel in Central London for five nights, it would be more expensive than a week at Juicy Escape.

That’s incredible value when you consider the experience you will have. Also, being so close to Faro airport with a wide range of easy transport options, the transfer costs will be far less than those at Juicy Oasis.

Will Juicy Escape Be Accessible?

Juicy Escape is set on a vast 40-acre site, some of which is hilly and has unmade tracks, so it would be unrealistic to say that all of the retreat is accessible. However, there will be accessible WAVE POD accommodation and we are always happy to discuss how much of the retreat experience we can make work for each guest’s individual requirements.

Will There Be A Day Spa?

Saturday is changeover day at our retreats and, as the spa is self self contained, we may be able to offer standalone treatments to day visitors – it’s something we are exploring at the moment.

It certainly makes sense to enable as many people as possible to come and experience a little of all that Juicy Escape will have to offer.

I am certain that they would want to come back for a longer stay and enjoy the full benefits that a week on retreat at Juicy Escape will offer.

What Treatments Will Be Available?

As at Juicy Oasis, Juicy Escape will have a state of-the-art spa offering our usual mix of massage, colonics and cryotherapy, but we are also currently considering adding a select range of non-invasive procedures, such as a non-surgical facelift. Of course, we will only offer safe procedures delivered by qualified professionals, so we are still exploring all the options at this stage. There are no plans for alternative therapies such as hypnotherapy or reiki.

Can I Get A Membership?

We are currently debating whether to create a membership scheme for Juice Master Retreats as it’s something we’re asked about all the time. Incorporating a points based system, this would operate much like a loyalty card with associated savings or perks based on your usage. It’s on the table at the moment, so watch this space…

How Can I Get On The VIP Guests List For The Opening Of Juicy Escape?

If you’ve read my book, Create Magic, you’ll know that I LOVE to make incredible things happen for people when they least expect it.

Juicy Escape is going to be a VERY special place and the opening will be a non-ticket event attended by a number of VERY high profile people. To be at the launch will be a money can’t-buy experience and only a select number will attend, so it really is going to be a memory of a lifetime for those who are lucky enough to be invited.

With this in mind, I want to share the moment with those who love Juice Master and so anyone who has ever stayed at Juicy Oasis will have their name put into the hat and we will draw a couple of names out, just before we launch, and create magic for those people who are lucky enough to be picked.

If you haven’t been to Juicy Oasis yet, now’s the time to book yourself a 2020 stay and you never know, it might just get you on the guest list, yet!

Finally, the one thing I would add is that while the opening is going to be super special and very exciting, the Juice Master Retreats team works incredibly hard to deliver an unbeatable experience for our guests, every week. Don’t worry if you aren’t the first to stay and experience Juicy Escape, it will be there for many amazing years to come, and I hope to meet as many Juice Master fans there as I can.